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Policy Administered by:

Adina’s Jewels, Inc.

1416 Avenue M, Suite 501

Brooklyn, NY 11230



Adina’s Jewels (“we” or “AJ”) is delighted to be able to offer our customers (“you”) shipping insurance that protects you in the unfortunate event our products are damaged, stolen or lost while on their way to you.  YOUR USE OF AND ACCESS TO OUR COVERAGE ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. By accessing or using our website, , clicking on a button or taking any other action to signify your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) or completing our account registration process, you: (1) agree to an additional fee, set at our sole discretion, charged as a premium payment for your shipping insurance coverage, unless you decide to opt out of such coverage on our website; (2) agree to be bound by these Terms and any future amendments and additions to these Terms; and (3) represent you are of legal age to form a binding contract with AJ.


This coverage insures the parcel and its contents against certain demonstrated damage, theft, or loss from any external cause while in transit to premises utilized by you and in care, custody, or control of the carriers.  We can only be liable up to the invoiced value of the property damaged, stolen, or lost.



The maximum value you can insure your item and shipping costs for cannot exceed the invoiced value of your total order.

Shipping fees & sales tax are included in insured value




Product that is wrong size, style or color

Product that arrives not as described or regarding which you change your mind.



Deadlines to File. To be eligible for coverage for damaged, lost, or stolen items, you must file no later than:

For domestic shipments: 14 calendar days from date of shipment of your purchase

For international shipments: 30 calendar days from date of shipment of your purchase


Damaged Shipments. You can file a claim Immediately upon receipt of the damaged item.


Lost Shipments. Before filing a claim for lost item, you must be eligible under the ‘Deadlines to File’ and wait:


For domestic shipments: 7 calendar days from the last communication/update from your carrier, unless stated ‘Delivered’ on carrier’s site.


For international shipments: 21 calendar days from the last communication/update from your carrier, unless stated ‘Delivered’ on carrier’s site.



Order Number / Proof of Value (Sales/Purchase Invoice)

Documentation of non-receipt from the carrier

Pictures of Damage (BOTH item and the parcel box)

Failure to hold damaged property until claim is resolved will result in the claim being denied



Filing Claim. You can file a claim by emailing the Required Documents to

Review. 5 - 7 Business Days, add additional 3 business days if we request additional documents

Response. We will offer you several options, depending on your situation: (i) replacement of the insured item; (ii) exchange of like goods; (iii) store credit; or (iv) full refund

Payment (if appliable). We will issue a refund in the same format your payment was received.



  1. Afghanistan
  2. Angola
  3. Bolivia
  4. Burma
  5. Iran
  6. Iraq
  7. Congo
  8. Ivory Coast
  9. Lebanon
  10. Liberia
  11. Libya
  12. Nigeria
  13. North Korea
  14. Paraguay
  15. Somalia
  16. Syria
  17. Zimbabwe
  18. Venezuela



Loss, damage, or non-arrival caused by:


  • Failure to provide correct address and/or other shipping information
  • Deliberate or negligent acts by you
  • Porch piracy (meaning the carrier reports the status as “delivered” but the parcel has been stolen from your delivery address)
  • Latent defect
  • Confiscation or destruction under customs regulations
  • Confiscation by any government or public authority
  • Hostile or warlike action
  • Changes in temperature or humidity, during shipment
  • Illegal contraband
  • Illegal transportation of trade



We can only be liable up to order value of the property damaged, stolen, or lost while in transit to you.  AJ is not responsible, under any circumstances, for any consequential, foreseeable, or non-foreseeable harm that you may suffer as the result of the damage theft or loss of the insured item.  Furthermore, by paying on or otherwise resolving your claim, AJ is forever released from any liability to you in connection with the insured shipment for that specific order number/claim.



By filing a claim or otherwise taking advantage of our insurance coverage, you certify that all information you provide to us is, and will be, accurate and truthful. Any fraudulent claim will may make you liable for prosecution for mail fraud.



AJ may terminate any users from our insurance coverage at any time, provided that such termination does not impact a shipment already in transit or your potential claim, made in accordance with these Terms.



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