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Welcome to Adina's Jewels

Meet our Founder, Adina Kamkhatchi Mizrahi

Adina Kamkhatchi

Adina has always had an implicit taste for Fashion and Accessories. As she progressed through college, designing & curating jewelry became her favorite hobby. She quickly fell in love with Fashion Jewelry and later ventured out and founded ADINAS. Adina was named after her grandmother, and she's been reminded of it her whole life. Adina wanted to commemorate her grandmother's memory and show the world who she was. Adina’s inspiration came from expressing herself in a way that she felt comfortable expressing herself. Jewelry “made me feel sane,” said Adina. Adina wants every girl who doesn’t feel confident in herself to put on her jewelry and make her feel like she can run the world. As part of Adina's mission, she collaborated with BCRF to raise awareness for her grandmother's passing.

As Adina’s designs started making an impact in New York City, she turned to her mother and brother to help make ADINAS a household name. Adina has been determined to offer a unique line of trendsetting jewelry, at a reasonable cost, to fashionistas all around the world.

"I am so happy that my family was there to help and now we are proud to call ourselves a successful family business."

Jewelry Care

At ADINAS, each piece of jewelry is designed for perfection with the intention of delivering quality jewelry that’ll make YOU stand out.

Adina's Jewelry Repair

Our items are Sterling Silver & Plated in 14K Gold. We add an extra layer of tarnish resistance to avoid discoloration or rusting of any sort. We provide FREE repairs in the rare case of discoloration or defective pieces within 60 days of delivery.


Note from Adina:

“One of our core values is to make each and every customer happy. You contribute just as much as everyone else in the organization. Nothing makes me happier when I see you guys share your lovely pieces on social media and help spread the word! Thanks to you guys ADINAS will continually strive to take care of all your accessory needs.”

Enjoy this short clip of some customers who styled Adina’s Jewels & shared it on social media. Become an #ADINASGAL today!

Celebrities style with Adina's

We are always making sure that some of the worlds favorite celebs are styling ADINAS. We like to create hype around our products because of the added value it brings to our customers.

With Adina's celebrity connection and beautiful designs she is able to share her jewelry on all Social Media Channels. Celebrities simply love to adorn themselves in Adina's Jewels.

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